Board Games For Kids – A Child’s Fun Learning Experience

The fondest childhood memories of a person usually do not include listening to the teacher, going to class, and remembering what the math lesson was all about. Memories are rather of playing games with friends and having fun. Experiences that make a mark on one’s childhood are actually things that brought them laughter, challenge, fun, and good times.

A child can remember what he or she had learned through listening in class and reading lessons. However, social forces also shape a child’s mind. Fun games plus interaction with other children can have a considerable impact in life and personality in the long run. With this in mind, parents really have a way to influence kids. They can instill learning without imposing anything.

Fun and Learning Can Go Hand in Hand

Having kids play board games is one of the best ways for them to learn while having fun. Many experts say that kids learn better through activities they are hand on to. This doesn’t mean that each learning experience should be made into a lab experiment.

Board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Memory Match, Chess, Monopoly, Checkers and Scrabble contribute a lot to the development of a child’s thinking process. Therefore, board games can make kids smarter. Through these activities, children are able to think fast and strategically. At the same time they apply some basic math and reading skills they have learned at school.


Decision-making is also improved through board games. Chess for example, makes children strategize to beat the opponent. They also need to make critical decisions that will affect the outcome of the whole game. This game, just like Checkers, also helps a kid get better at predicting how an adversary moves when his turn comes.

Word Games

Board games such as Scrabble and Word Factory can also help in the expansion of children’s vocabulary. With these board games, kids can learn some new and unheard of words without getting easily bored. Now, discovering new words has never been fun!

Memory Games

Improving one’s memory takes a lot of exercise. Memory games are a great companion for parents and schools to assist kids in their recollection skills. The most common memory game is the Memory Match game. In this game, group of cards printed with pairs of illustrations, colors, words, numbers, etc., are laid on the table face down.

When a card is opened, a child needs to remember it. It will be placed face down again once the second card is shown. The process continues until he finds that certain card that matches another, which he recalls has the same drawing or picture. This game definitely helps improve a child’s memory skills. This is a very important quality for a person to have in his or her lifetime.


Monopoly is another board game that can improve a child’s learning. It can teach children a variety of things at the same time. Math learned at school can be improved by playing Monopoly. The simple act of rolling the dice a few times and adding the numbers can keep their mind alert. The money that the players gain also needs to be added up to see how far they have fared in the game. Kids will also have to do subtraction whenever they need to make a change. Cards in Monopoly require to be read. Kids therefore, can practice their reading skills.

Board games are definitely a great way to help develop the learning process of children. Moreover, it is a fun way to bond with them and turn their attention away from the television. Most importantly, board games are interactive. They play games that imitate real life situations.

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